Dr. Al is the best! I was suffering with Plantars Fasciitis, and he helped me when no one else could! Just a few laser treatments and an adjustments had me on the path of being pain free again! I appreciate the absolute lack of pressure to buy a package or come back. Dr. Al is great a listening and treating the individual. Thanks A-Z!

– Laurence

“Doctor Al was referred to me by a coworker many years ago and I have been a loyal patient ever since. Before I met Doctor Al I was very skeptical that my neck injury would ever get better. I suffered headaches, muscle soreness and stiffness that just would not go away. Doctor Al was able to identify what my treatment needs were and provide me with the relief I needed. Doctor Al takes time to really understand what is causing the pain and correct it. I really appreciate that he is truly concerned for his patients well being.

Doctor Al is not just a ‘crack and go’ chiropractor, he makes sure you leave the office feeling better with the right treatment. There have been several times when he went out of his way to call and check up on how effective my treatment was. My appointments never feel rushed no matter how busy he is. I recommend Doctor Al to anyone I know. His office hours are very accommodating and I know if I ever had an emergency he would be there for me.

I have been to other chiropractors who offer package deals which are expensive and not necessary. With Doctor Al you only pay for the current visit so you don’t have to worry about buying too many visits.

I really think the Pro-Adjuster is a wonderful scientific approach to adjusting that educates the patient on what the doctor sees. Being able to see for myself how my neck is aligned on the computer screen then how it is corrected is wonderful. It is also good that the Pro-Adjuster tracks your progress. I like to understand why I am in pain and what needs to be adjusted.

If you are looking for a chiropractor you can trust Doctor Al is the right choice. He is very professional, caring, understanding, and reliable. I can’t thank him enough for taking away my pain so I can enjoy my life.”

– Melody B.

Thanks so much for taking time to mend some nasty hurts and allay some deep concerns. You have wonderful hands and a gracious and caring way of approaching a patient.

– Rita

I’m so grateful that you were sent into my life. It’s so seldom that a chiropractor can find another chiropractor who is so good, such a talented, caring human being who knows how to fix it!…And when to stop to let the body adjust gradually.

– Dr. Lloye Fransen

Thank you!…For your help, professionalism, easing my pain, and genuine interest in my well being.

– John

I was in a car accident. Dr. Al treated me with kindness and expertise. He was very kind and helpful to me as a stressed out college student. I would recommend Dr. Al to anyone.

– Leah

Dr. Al is not a “Crack and Go” kind of doctor. He spends time asking questions and examining his patients to give them the best treatment possible.

I was pretty skeptical as to whether or not chiropractic treatment could help my issues, but now I’m a believer! Dr. Al knows his stuff!

My first experience with you recently was like a breath of spring! I loved the caring, friendly, and detailed manner in which you functioned, explaining every move.

– Bea

Thanks again for your help with my recent back injury. I’ve been to many chiropractors over the years, and know from experience that skilled practitioners are few and far between. There’s a nice “old school” feel in your technique. It’s a relief to finally find a doctor that hears my input and responds with just the right treatment.

– Michael

Immediately I liked you. One day I came in with a challenge. I needed an adjustment, but couldn’t lay on my stomach. You did an adjustment – while I was sitting using pressure points and other methods — now I think you’re WONDERFUL!

– Barbara

I received a back injury in October after my previous chiropractor “over adjusted” my back. Going to see Dr. Al was the best thing I ever did. I explained to him how my back was injured & my fear of getting it adjusted. He listened to my concerns & actually did what I asked. It took a long time to recover and I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Al. His caring, positive attitude got me through some tough times.

– Sarah

Thank you so much for your healing touch. I am finally back to being pain free and am knitting regularly.

– Wendy

After a series of back injuries, including a head on collision 5 years ago which left me in daily pain with the occasional motionless week in bed, Dr. Al has practically cured me. I rarely get the pain in my back I once had on a daily basis, and when I do, it is gone quickly, allowing me to work and attend school.

Thank you Dr. Al, your patience and humor combined with your expertise have healed me and made me feel like a new man!

– Ruben